My Thoughts (So Far) On The Casting for The “Divergent” Movie

My Thoughts (So Far) On The Casting for The “Divergent” Movie

I am waist deep into this book, obsessed through and through, and now I can’t wait to see the movie. My obsession led me to back to its IMDB page tonight, since I’ve been picturing Shailene Woodley in my mind as Tris, imagining her leaping, jumping, and kicking butt. I only knew about her being cast in the movie for some months now, but now I have thoughts about the rest of the casting decisions that I’ve seen thus far:

  • It’s VERY intriguing that Miles Teller is playing “Peter”, not because I just adore him and Shailene together in “The Spectacular Now”, but that I imagined Peter to be much more wiry and maybe a bit shorter, or at least possessing red/strawberry-blonde hair. I keep picturing Caleb Landry Jones in this role as I read the book.
  • I would not have known who to cast as “Four”. Theo James is a winning choice though. 
  • Maggie Q as “Tori” is bloody brillant.
  • Not surprised by Zoe Kravitz being cast as “Christina”, but I honestly pictured someone like Rutina Wesley instead. 
  • Ansel Elgort and Tony Goldwyn portraying Beatrice/Tris/Shailene Woodley’s brother and father, respectively is PERFECT casting.
  • I love me some Ashley Judd, but I don’t see her as Natalie Prior (Tris’s/Shailene’s mother). For whatever reason I pictured Debra Jo Rupp as the mother. I still do!

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