Why I Think Ezra Fitz is “A” (SPOILER ALERT!)


Does Ezra Fitz seem hotter to you now that’s he’s A?

Ok, so last night’s Pretty Little Liars was unbelievable, intense, and oh so right. This show from Day 1 has brought a boatload of reveals and last season’s finale was intense (Toby as A!). But Season 4A took as back to the beginning and viewers found themselves still searching for A, along with our pretty liars. But last night proved that the writers and producers are not playing around. Two of the biggest shockers topped, in my opinion, all of the reveals of PLL past and we can only go up and crazier from here out. I came to the conclusion that was Alison was alive in Season 3, for multiple reasons. I’m not going to lie and say that the thought never crossed my mind that Ezra Fitz could be A as well. There were many theories that I read online about the possibility. But then Season 3 rolled on and then Season 4A presented itself and I thought, “No, it’s still Toby or Mona, or Wren, Jenna, CeCe, Melissa, Paige… and I’m still giving Mr. Montgomery the side-eye.” I was gunning for Paige actually. It would have been shocking if true, but not that shocking.

But to find out that Ezra is A gave me chills. I was screaming on the couch, scaring my kittens, and quickly began to put two and two together. How could Ezra have fooled us ALL?! Well, when you think about it, this was a genius twist and makes a lot of sense, because:

1. He’s rich– Ezra comes from money and he would have had enough of it to pay off anyone who could help him. Ali had enemies and it would have been easy for him to bribe anyone with cash to get him what or who he wanted.

Ezra and Mama Fitz.....she can't bail him out of this one  (http://prettylittleliars.alloyentertainment.com)

Ezra and Mama Fitz…..she can’t bail him out of this one


2. He has access– He was teaching at Rosewood High and had access to whatever student files he wanted. Mona’s, our fab four liars’, Caleb’s… ANY of the current and past students. It would have been easy for him to stay late at school grading papers, and… Oh, what’s this? Hanna’s file? Hmm, let’s see here…she used to steal? How can I play this to my advantage….oh, I know. I’ll frame her mom for Wilden’s murder. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right?

No more teachers' dirty looks... for now    (http://uniqueworld.deviantart.com)

No more teachers’ dirty looks… for now

3. He was close for comfort– Sleeping with Aria and helping Spencer and Emily with college applications….

One minute he's helping you with college applications and the next he's driving a car through your living room. What a gent.

One minute he’s helping you with college applications and the next he’s driving a car through your living room. What a gent.

Ezra knew about the girls just in having casual/intimate conversations with them. He could read their facial expressions and body language while they spilled their anxieties and fears about college and beyond. Also, who knows what else Aria may have told him while snuggling in bed? Let’s face it- he had more enough information to use against the pretty liars, leaving them mentally defenseless time and time again.


4. He’s the person you would least suspect– with his cardigans and ability to blend into a crowd, Ezra is the guy you would least expect to be A. He had enough to deal with in his personal life (baby mama drama, his forbidden, secret relationship with an underage student, job application woes…) and seemed so gentle and shy and focused on his love for Aria. What else could Ezra possibly have to worry about in life? But remember- it’s ALWAYS the quiet ones!

How could you say no to this guy?

How could you say no to this guy?

5. We don’t really know Ezra, and obviously never did– Ezra was the one character in PLL whose secrets, while OMG-inducing, paled in comparison to all of the other characters on the show. He was the mundane, normal one. While Mr. Montgomery had to find out that his girlfriend drugged and attacked his only daughter, Ezra was worried about where his next paycheck would come from.

Just wait until Mr. Montgomery finds out who Fitz really is!

Just wait until Mr. Montgomery finds out who Fitz really is!

So, what happens now?

As soon as last night’s season finale ended, the Internet shut down. People started posting their PLL conspiracy theories and the real Debbie Downers stated that this reveal would turn out to be another anticlimactic let down, just as when we found out about Toby. If Ezra turns out to have just been following the girls and got mad because he found out that Aria was lying about A, I will rage. But, when Toby (faux) revealed himself as A, a part of me knew that this was a lie. When Ezra revealed himself as A, no part of me thought the same. Think about it- Ezra is also older than Ali and mysteriously stepped foot into Rosewood under the pretense of being a teacher (normal enough). It’s possible that Ali was in love with Ezra, thought she was pregnant, and upon finding out, he killed her under that notion, because the news would have ruined him (let us not forget how intense and judgmental Ezra’s mother is!). Or, Ali kept telling Ezra that she was in love with him, but was really in love with his money. She could have used him for his cash, kicked him to the curb, and he followed her to Rosewood seeking revenge.

I truly believe that Ezra is A. But, what roles do the others, such as Jenna, Shauna, Mona, Melissa, and Wren have to play in all of this? When will Ali reveal herself to the fab four? Will CeCe explain herself?  Is Aria is in cahoots with Ezra and will reveal herself as a part of the A team? Does that sound far-fetched to you? We’ll all find out sooner or later.

How much do you really love him, Aria?

How much do you really love him, Aria?

Keep An Eye On…

I still think that Paige and Mike Montgomery are suspects, especially Mike. That “I wreck cars” storyline was neglected in the dust, but I wouldn’t clear his name just yet. On the other hand, either Paige is going to wind up dead or her being a part of the A team will be one of the biggest reveals for season 4B. She is just too integrated in the story now to be left alone. Let’s not forget about Aria– I’m waiting for one of the liars to turn bad. She is at the top of the list now. I can never see it being Hanna or Emily at this point. When Jake first appeared he immediately went on my suspect list, but I have a feeling that he may now end up a casualty for being in the way.

Yeah....no I still have my eye on you Mike. Your innocent face doesn't fool me.

Yeah….no I still have my eye on you Mike. Your innocent face doesn’t fool me.

Who May Actually Be Good….

Mona is all over the place, but a part of me doesn’t think she’s all that bad. Wren confuses me, but he’s with Melissa and I’m starting to believe that Melissa is really trying to help the girls. Therefore, Wren may be truly trying to help as well. I think that he knows about Ezra being A, and may have actually been cornered by Ezra to help him. Wren may have agreed at first, but now is on board with helping the girls. If anything he’s plotting to board on a plane with a one-way ticket to London to live a new life with Melissa.  Same goes for Jenna, who almost died (again!).

Maybe they weren't so bad after all...

Maybe they weren’t so bad after all…

What I’m Willing to Go out on a Limb For….

The N.A.T. club may actually be for good right now! I’m not saying that its members haven’t done some messed up things in the past, but I’m willing to bet that the N.A.T., was once a secret club for high schoolers who felt outcast (“We See All”), then turned into an excuse for the guys to spy on underage girls in their bedrooms, and finally split off into different factions upon Ali’s disappearance (you can’t call it her death now). This club is amateurish compared to A’s activity, of course. However, let’s toy with the idea that Ezra was once a part of the N.A.T. club. He would be around Melissa and Wren’s age. Let’s pose the possibility that Ezra split off on his own and that the N.A.T club has something on A, that their efforts to see all were finally on point for once and that they saw a MASSIVE secret that would bury A/Ezra (Ezra killing Ali, or something even BIGGER). Now everyone in the N.A.T. club is running for their lives or already dead.

If you're going to hide away from awful secrets kept in a small town like Rosewood, London is a great place to do so.

If you’re going to hide away from awful secrets kept in a small town like Rosewood, London is a great place to do so.


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