LeBron James – Iconic Basketball Player, TV Producer


LeBron James – Iconic Basketball Player, TV Producer

The landscape of TV is vast and in the midst of unaired pilot episodes and constant new shows, LeBron James has decided to produce a television show of his own. Titled “Survivor’s Remorse”, the sitcom about two friends from North Philly will take a look at the guilt they feel from “making it” while their other hometown friends & family have not.

This smells like a hit. It’s going to be on cable (Starz), will talk about a topic that could use a bit more observation and analyzing on the small screen, and will be created with the help of Mike O’Malley as an executive producer & writer.


Mike O’Malley at Glee Academy Screening (www.zimbio.com)

O’Malley has written and produced work for “Shameless” (US version) and has acted in many sitcoms such as “My Name is Earl, “Parks & Recreation”, and “Glee”. He also gains infinity bonus points for being the host of “Guts” on old school Nickelodeon. Also, Tom Werner, one half of the Carsey-Werner Company, responsible for “The Cosby Show”, “A Different World”, “Roseanne”, and “That 70s Show”, among other TV star making programs, is on board as well.

Let’s hope that this doesn’t become DOA and gets a chance to shine.


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