Please Support “Unspoken” and Director Sunny King for the 2013 BEFFTA Awards!

My lovely and talented friend Kate Koch has been doing her thing within the UK and (now) New York film industry and forwarded me the link for a very promising film called “Unspoken”. The film highlights a story about “commitment to love and friendships in the face of societal taboos we dare not confront or speak of.” Relatable and true, this everyday story shows what true friendship can really mean under the guise of betrayal. Oh, and there is a BOMBSHELL of a secret. Want to know what it is? You’ll have to watch this beautiful short film below to find out. 12,000+ views and climbing!

As an AFFRM member, performer, and advocate for the arts, I’m all about supporting talented filmmakers and films that deserve a chance to be seen. From what I’ve seen and read, you will hear more about Sunny King and his film “Unspoken” in the near future, as this film is currently being developed into a feature. But for now, hop on over to the BEFFTA Awards (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts) website and please vote for Sunny King for “Best Director” and “Unspoken” for “Best Short Film” in the Film category. You have until October 20th to do so!


Please vote for Sunny King and his film “Unspoken” for a 2013 BEFFTA Award!

The video below is a short film from Sunny King to further familiarize yourself with his work, titled “Signs”:


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