Donald Glover Is A Brave Man

This morning I became obsessed with Donald Glover’s Instagram account. Most news outlets reported about his “troubling”, “dark” new thoughts scribbled on Residence Inn Marriott napkins, which were photographed and now showcased on Instagram. These pictures may be a cry for help, but for me, they represent a young man who is not afraid to lay out all of his fears for others to read. Who hasn’t felt afraid or lonely? Who hasn’t been afraid of being a failure or a has-been? We are told to “suck it up” or that “it gets better”, but it can be much harder to absorb that information and truly believe it, rather than to say it.

As someone who is just as human as Donald Glover, I understand his fears and he should know that he is not alone. None of us. It’s nice to be told that or shown that every once in awhile.



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