Michael Fassbender Could Play A Paper Bag And Still Be Flawless…and That’s Why He Has Been Chosen To Play…

So, when is Fassbender getting his Academy Award? I sure hope that it’s next year for his superb performance in 12 Years A Slave. I both hated and pitied him many times throughout the film. His relish for, what seemed clear to me, carrying out God’s divine will in being a slavemaster, will go down as one the most frightening characters he’s ever portrayed in a movie. But even if for some ridiculous reason unbeknownst to us he is not nominated for his turn as Edwin Epps, maybe we will see an Oscar in his hands after the newest adaptation of Macbeth hits theaters. Fassbender has just been cast as the lead role, with Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth, with The Weinstein Co. acquiring U.S. and Canadian rights to the film.


Michael Fassbender to play "Macbeth"

Michael Fassbender to play “Macbeth”

Marion Cotillard to play "Lady Macbeth"

Marion Cotillard to play “Lady Macbeth”

I smell awards!!!!


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