Run To Witness “The Best Man Holiday” NOW

Why are studios so surprised at this weekend’s success of “The Best Man Holiday”? It has a loyal, built in audience, powerhouse actors and actresses, and a complex, engaging storyline further built upon the complex, engaging storyline of “The Best Man”. Yes, Black people go to the movies too- duh!

Yesterday, I laughed, I cried, and I held my breath. (Yes, all three things really did occur, as cliched as it may sound!) “The Best Man Holiday” is a complete, wonderful holiday movie, which just so happens to feature a mostly all-Black cast. If you like movies about faith, family, love, and the Christmas spirit, you can’t go wrong with Malcolm D. Lee’s modern work of art.

p.s. Once again, Terrance Howard is HILARIOUS and the ultimate scene-stealer in this movie. He brought in just the right amount of humor without being too hammy.


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