Spotlight On…E! Television’s “The Drama Queen”

I took one of Marki Costello‘s infamous hosting bootcamps in New York and was inspired, yet also a wee bit intimidated. This women is FIERCE and has a BIG personality. It’s no wonder that she has her own, new reality show on E! It’s not only a show for entertainment, but if you’re an aspiring talent, you best listen up to Costello’s wise advice. For instance, don’t show up to an open call, or any talent call, with a wallet-sized photo that looks like it was produced a decade ago. Always, ALWAYS arm yourself with a professional-looking headshot and attached resume! Also, never show up to a talent manager or agent’s office unannounced and then cry/beg/plead to be signed. You don’t want to be negatively labeled in Hollywood as you’re just starting your career. Marki KNOWS what she is talking about- I’ve witnessed her magic up close and personal kids!

Based on last night’s premiere, I have no doubt that Ms. Costello’s is going to gain more fans and that her expertise will continue to be in high demand. Plus, I love Paisley, co-sign on Kirby being picked as new CMEG talent, am intrigued by Sloane Brown, and want to see more of Tamara Jaber. That woman’s candor is refreshing.


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