Happy Catching Fire Day!!!!

Even though screenings of  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire started last night, today marks the official viewing of the film, as most theaters began to show the anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games in full swing.

While I think 99% percent of the casting for Catching Fire is on point (I’m still a little testy over the casting choice for “Finnick Odair”), what I really want to know is which scenes were taken out of the sequel for this book-to-movie adaptation. Catching Fire, in book form, is even more depressing than the first The Hunger Games, brutal, and unforgiving, and there are a few particular scenes involving Donald Sutherland (“President Snow”), Lenny Kravitz (“Cinna”), Liam  Hemsworth (“Gale Hawthorne”), and Sam Claflin (“Finnick Odair”), that, if executed well, are going to make me cry, among others. No matter what, I have no doubt that the movie will be visually stunning.




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