“Scrubbing In” Rescheduled To A Graveyard Shift Hour

Have any of you caught the new MTV docuseries called “Scrubbing In”? I wanted to tune in to see if it would mirror “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Nurse Jackie” in some way, but I’m not sure if I will give it a chance in real time due to it’s move to a midnight timeslot. (Hello On Demand!) Now, when a new television show is moved to a later time, notably past 11 p.m., or on a Friday, especially when it was once showing on any other weekday, there is a high chance that it is not long for this world.

Alas, “Scrubbing In” is about the lives of nurses on and off-duty has garnered criticism ever since its debut on October 24th of this year. Like most MTV reality shows, “Scrubbing In” is not the type of program to watch if you’re looking for a hard-hitting documentary fit for HBO. Rather, judging from its promo, its about hot tubs, being in da club, and relationship drama. However, there are moments where we see these young working professionals in the hospital, talking to patients, and doing the jobs they chose to do. Not all young nurses live pious lives, but a petition from Change.org with more than 30,000 signatures and concern from nonprofit nursing organizations believe that MTV should depict the lives of nurses in a more respectable fashion.

What do you think? With the glut of Real Housewives and Bad Girls on TV, should we expect for reality shows depicting professions that are not a part of the entertainment business (nurses, doctors, lawyers, etc.) to be suitable for viewers or are we asking for too much?


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