“The Sound Of Music” and “YOLO” Airs TONIGHT!

Well, the time is nigh. “The Sound of Music” will air live tonight! As critical as I may get in regards to remakes and reboots of classic movies and television shows, I’m excited to see Carrie Underwood breathe new life into the role that Julie Andrews first made famous. Speaking of Dame Andrews, she has voiced her approval of the new “Sound of Music” Live edition, having once stated, “No, I won’t be in it, but I do endorse everything. I mean why not?”. I will be tuning in and sounding off later!


The new Maria Rainer and Von Trapp children

Also later tonight, if you wish to DVR “The Sound Of Music” or have an utter disdain for musicals, a new episode of “Scandal”, lovingly titled “YOLO” premieres. If you’ve seen the last episode, which was brilliantly directed by the mega-talented Ava DuVernay, “YOLO” is going to blow up the Twitterverse as it tends to do. All I have to say is Quinn….you in danger girl!!!

Ooooo Quinn...Huck is mad at YOU!

Ooooo Quinn…Huck is mad at YOU!


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