Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere Airs TONIGHT!!!

My inner fan girl has been screaming for months in anticipation of tonight’s Pretty Little Liars winter premiere! After Ezra revealed himself as A (or for those still in denial, a possible piece of the A team), this season will usher in more explosive revelations and heartbreak. Don’t believe me? Check out these spoiler answers to fan questions!

What will the liars do/think when they find out about Ezra? What does Alison have to say for her disappearance? What will her family say if they see her at all this season? Will there be more Ravenswood/PLL crossover episodes? I’m sure that some of these questions and more will be uncovered from now until the summer months ahead.

p.s. Here’s a wonderful Sway and Sasha Pieterse interview on Sway’s Universe. I love how he doesn’t front on his knowledge of Pretty Little Liars, says that “we needed this because Gossip Girl is over”, also says that he’s a “teenage White girl at heart”, Sasha singing at the top of her lungs, Sasha’s dad talking about Nelson Mandela, and the fact that Sway encourages his daughter to read!



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