On January 12, 2014 I waited with my eyes wide open, fingers furiously pressing away letters on my phone to express feelings of disappointment or giddiness during the Golden Globes. The one thing that I truly wished for was to see Steve McQueen on stage accepting an award. I wanted to see Lupita, Chiwetel, and Idris gain one too, and seeing long-time favorite actors like Jared Leto and Amy Poehler win their own golden globes was astonishing to watch and made me feel so happy for them. But, seeing Steve McQueen thanking and grateful with that globe in his hand was life-affirming. My obsession with his art started with Shame and it’s not to to ever stop. I believe that he is one of the best film directors and artists of our time and he deserves all the accolades in the world for his motion picture rendering of 12 Years a Slave.  

Congratulations Steve McQueen! Here’s to hoping that you get that Academy Award!!


SHAME Teaser Poster_HTML_568




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