Maybe Zoe Saldana Will Make “Rosemary’s Baby” 2.0 Fetch…

When I first heard that Rosemary’s Baby was being remade, this was my first reaction:

zoe goodbye

I wanted to punch a hole in a wall. But, saying and doing are two completely different things and I don’t have the strength or weak walls to perform such a feat. I sat imagining that there was a big hole in my bedroom wall that I created in a rage because why would anyone really want to remake a perfect film like Rosemary’s Baby? Who in 2014 could make Minnie Castevet into her own as Ruth Gordon did?


Fast forward some months later and the next thing I know I’m reading that Rosemary is being portrayed a second time by Zoe Saldana, which makes me happier. One, because I love me some Zoe S. and two, because this singular decision tells me that the casting directors just may err from the side of having an all-White cast, which is exciting. If you’re going to remake a Polanski film, especially Rosemary’s Baby, choosing a diverse & talented cast for this mini-series event has to happen.

In the meantime, now we wait to find out who will play Guy, Roman, and Dr. Sapirstein, and if we will actually see Rosemary’s baby this second time around because the remake is officially and unequivocally happening.



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