Wendy Williams Thinks Her Son Doesn’t Like Her Anymore


(The moment that explains my open letter below starts around the 9:00 minute mark)

Dear Wendy, 

Please wipe your tears and continue on living life to the fullest. Your thirteen year old son doesn’t hate you. He might say or show that he doesn’t like you at this particular moment with daily bon mots or other phrases that just come out in fits of verbal/mental diarrhea. This is not to say that he hates you or won’t like you forever, even though you’re hurting inside. I’m not a mother and couldn’t possibly know what you’re feeling at a time like this. Yet, he is thirteen years old. I was once thirteen myself. Most thirteen year old children want to be independent and in 2014 don’t realize that there is more to life than standing in line a week in advance for the latest pair of J’s or creating Smack Cam videos. Count it a blessing that your son is spending time with his father, as many kids around the world can not do the same in their formative years, if having the chance to ever. Time will go on and he will wake up and cherish your love and forgiveness.

Like many tangible and intangible things of this Earth , this too shall pass.







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