Visual Amusement For Some, Racist and Misogynistic For Most Others


Study this picture. Don’t look away just yet. Keep looking at it. Groups of you may be enraged, neutral, composed, call up your best friend and talk about this photo and why it makes you weep for humanity…. either way, just know that this picture is not OK. This chair of a Black woman, half naked and submissive for ANYONE to sit on, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, or religious affiliation is not OK. I’ve traveled within various countries and have been exposed to many forms of art which have inspired me and made me think about the world differently, and I would love to sit down with Allen Jones, the pop artist who designed this chair, to understand his interest in forniphilia. There is always a reason for art and learning about the origins of any type of art is thrilling and illuminating because it helps us understand ourselves and our world as human beings, misogynists and racists included. Maybe, as a standalone piece, this chair was created with a political purpose for us to question the social constructs that we live by each and every day. Yet, I’m not going to question Garage magazine, Buro 24/7, Miroslava Duma, and Dasha Zhukova about their reasons behind publishing the photo above because the photo speaks for itself and those who thought it was fine for the world to see without the public’s consent. If there was no malice meant behind it, as Duma claims, it’s surely making people see that we still have a lot of work to do to make this planet a better place for us and future generations.


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