Jesse Eisenberg to Play Lex Luthor In New Batman vs. Superman Movie

I was very surprised to hear that Jesse Eisenberg has been picked to portray Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. But he has the acting chops to pull this role off in a fresh and inviting way. My surprise mostly hinges on looks, because whenever I hear the name “Lex Luthor”, I either think of this guy:

lex luthor gene hackman

Or this guy:


What’s funny is that people still equate Eisenberg with his role as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, but yet are raising all kinds of hell with this casting news. Save all that rage and hate for Eisenberg as Zuckerberg and transfer it over to Eisenberg as Luthor. It’s weird, it’s atypical casting, but I can envision a bald-headed Jesse much easier than Batfleck. So, Jesse E. as Lex Luthor for the Millenial set? I can dig it.





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