Broad City Binging

You know Amy Poehler, right? Comedienne and awards show host extraordinaire and all-around BOSS? Well she is the executive producer of a new (to television) show called Broad City. You need this show in your life.

It was once a popular web series and now airs on Comedy Central. It’s hysterical, witty, bawdy, and on point. Ilana Glazer, who will never stop reminding me of Alia Shawkat, and Abbi Jacobson are a powerful comedic duo, and according to this Vanity Fair article, could possibly be “the new Tina and Amy”.

After a recent binge on first season episodes that have aired so far, I am hooked and highly recommend! Their brand of humor won’t be everyone’s cuppa, so if you’re not feeling it, no worries. There are other humor-laden shows to be watched like Key and Peele, Workaholics, Louie, Portlandia….


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