About Last Night: ‘Girls’ and ‘Watch What Happens Live’

If you are a TV groupie, Sunday night is YOUR night. There’s so much on that only a DVR can handle and then you have some hard decisions to make. Revenge or The Good Wife? True Detective, KUWTK, or The Walking Dead? Girls live or Girls later? In my world, I could only make live time room for Blood Sweat & Heels, Girls, and Watch What Happens Live, which I NEVER watch, live or not. But I had to see what could transpire between Mica, Demetria, and Geneva. I, for one, couldn’t even believe that all three ladies agreed to be on Andy Cohen’s show in one room together, but alas, it never happened! Melyssa Ford replaced Mica and while I was anything but chuffed, I soon found myself liking Melyssa a lot. She handled all her questions with grace and appeared fun and relatable. Mission accomplished.


Demetria Lucas, Melyssa Ford, and Geneva S. Thomas

However, Girls was the TV chicken dinner winner for me last night. It was the best episode of this year’s third season so far, trumped all episodes of the second season, and reminded me why I fell in love with the first season, and the show overall. It was perfect from beginning to end. Director Jesse Peretz has an unquestionable grasp on the tone of the show, particularly this episode. The opening scenes amidst music that sounded as though it were lifted from the Downton Abbey soundtrack were so well done. When the camera zoomed out from Marnie’s face to show the towering North Fork castle her and the rest of the girls would soon reside in for their healing weekend, my heart fluttered in admiration.

Hannah and Elijah, your back and forth banter has been missed (Photo Credit: HBO)

Hannah and Elijah, your back and forth banter has been missed (Photo Credit: HBO)

I laughed, paused, laughed some more, gasped some more, and rewound during moments just so I could laugh again. Elijah’s presence has been immensely missed and seeing Danny Strong as his caustic boyfriend made me miss his character Jonathan from Buffy. But the true highlight of the episode was the explosive fight between all of the main girls from Girls. Even though Shoshanna exhibited a mean streak that I had never seen from her until this moment, I was rooting for her still. It’s about time she let Marnie, Hannah, and Jessa know her true feelings. All of their pent-up frustrations about one another were exposed and it was both refreshing and disturbing to watch. But who would have thought that Shoshanna lay herself bare in her vicious verbage onslaught and, yet, come out the hero? Maybe it was the alcohol talking.

Shoshanna's about to go in...   (Photo Credit: HBO/Mark Schafer)

Shoshanna’s about to go in!
(Photo Credit: HBO/Mark Schafer)

Then there was Marnie who was getting on my nerves all episode. I wanted Hannah to go off on her. Even though Hannah is aloof and presumptuous, she is nowhere as fearful of life as Marnie. It was clear that they still had issues left unresolved and that this fight wasn’t about all four girls, but how far Marnie and Hannah have drifted apart since college. But unlike their epic bathroom/living room fight in Season One, this spat cut closer to the bone. I’m sure that it left more than a few viewers thinking about the close friends they once had and the ones they doubt on an on-off basis.   


Marnie….take a chill pill

Then there was Jessa who was smiley, unreserved without being sarcastic, and mostly quiet except for the occasional bon mots. She was a joy to watch in this episode of Girls, even when she kept mostly quiet during THE verbal fracas (so far) of the season. She was sober and did more observing than speaking up. I like this Jessa. I want to see more of this Jessa.

Jessa's (right) changing...?

Jessa’s (right) changing…?

So, what are the top five things I’ve learned from last night’s episode of Dunham and crew’s Girls?  


Friends grow apart, but sometimes they c0me back together again    

(Photo Credit: HBO/Mark Schafer)

(Photo Credit: HBO/Mark Schafer)

Duck is best served in a portion bigger than one’s palm  


Choreographed dancing is delightful- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwvhpH1IijI


The North Fork Fizz is a real alcoholic beverage that you can make for yourself– North Fork Fizz Recipe


Don’t go grocery shopping wearing only a bikini    

(Photo Credit: HBO)

(Photo Credit: HBO)

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