Dr. Oz Put The Kibosh On Thigh Gaps and I Love Him Even More Now

Today on “Dr. Oz”, the whole thigh gap phenomenon was discussed and apparently Dr. Oz smacked it, flipped it, and kicked it out the door. Little did I know that there is a book which promotes this unrealistic body training trend, called “The Thigh Gap Hack” by Camille A. Hugh, and it tells women and girls how to achieve their very own thigh gap.

Ladies, let me break it down for you. You will NOT, I repeat, NOT achieve thigh gap heaven by dieting and exercising. You have to take into account your overall musculature and skeletal frame. Very few people can have a thigh gap, and guess what, it’s a natural occurrence for the 5% who do have it. It can’t be gained through whittling down to a size zero. Think about thigh gaps as you would think about cellulite- some very thin people have cellulite and some overweight people will never have cellulite in their lifetimes. Just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean that you are entitled to a thigh gap.

Thank you Dr. Oz for trying to put some sense into the minds of young girls and grown adults who do not need another excuse to hate their bodies.



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