Nobody Puts Ariana Grande In A Corner!

Oh dearie me….what were you thinking Perez Hilton?! I take Hollywood rumors with a grain a salt, because who really knows what’s happening behind closed doors. Unless I actively see Ariana Grande doing coke in a nightclub or on a grotty public toilet, I’m not going to believe it until it’s 100% confirmed. So, what would possess Perez to ask her about her alleged use of cocaine, but also getting her brother and Nickelodeon, Ariana’s EMPLOYER, all on Twitter?! This could not have been done in private ? Ariana turned right back around and declared that she is suing Perez, which she could press for under defamation of character. This is SO MESSY.

Ariana-Grande-Wallpaper-41346254808_3095_Perez Hilton



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