The UK’s “Gogglebox” Is Coming To America

Gogglebox” is the only reality show of the moment that I would sign up to be a part of. It’s that serious. Imagine scores of people watching your reaction to the latest plot line of “Scandal”, “Pretty Little Liars”, or Super Bowl commercials…or watching the same of others living in Kentucky, New York City, or Texas. Thankfully, I may have a chance to audition for the American version, which is definitely happening.

Even though news of the reality adaptation was made known in September of last year and it was not until today that I found out that a test run of three episodes of the “Gogglebox” US version, “The People’s Couch”, aired on Bravo this past October. The results are no less than entertaining:  

“American Horror Story: Coven”

Quotables include:

“Death by vay..”

“She said vagina.”

“Why do hetero boys always scream like that? Just… project from the… gut!”

“Oh I need to see some frat boys getting killed immediately.” (a few moments pass as some frat boys get killed immediately) “Thank you.”

“That s&!t happening for real?” 


P.S. Yes, that’s Blake McIver Ewing on one of those couches. Remember him from “Full House” as Derek?


The People’s Couch” was picked up to a full series  and will premiere on March 10th at 11:30 pm (EST). Bravo is going to have another reality hit on its hands!


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