Louis C.K. Is Going To Host SNL Again…Let’s All Freak Out!

After the past Saturday Night Live episode featuring Ms. Lena Dunham, which I will get into in another post, I screamed when I read that Louis C.K. would be hosting the show on March 29th. But you know how an accompanying band is listed underneath the host’s name? Well, the commercial just read in big, bold letters “LOUIS C.K.” No band name needed. Of course the Twittersphere blew up, writing out loud if this meant that Louis C.K. would be doing stand up, because has there ever been a time in SNL history when there was no band to serenade the audience and cast members into a dreamlike state?

Either way, Louis C.K. hosting Saturday Night Live is a welcome surprise that I will wrap around my heart until the newest season of “Louie” premieres.



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