So…What Did You Think Of “Lindsay”?

Last night, Oprah’s docu-series “Lindsay” premiered and I loved it. Some may find it was sad and boring, but life isn’t all daisies and sunshine! It was refreshing to see Lindsay Lohan go about this new chapter in her life, looking for a place to live in New York City, supporting her sister during New York Fashion Week, uncovering”Fetch” t-shirts(“MEAN GIRLS” SHOUTOUT!) at her mom’s Long Island home, standing up for herself even when it means losing out on a job, and avoiding the paparazzi. 

This is a side of Lindsay Lohan that we have never seen and may never see again. It will be messy and may induce eye-rolling and/or heavy sighing, but above all let’s hope that it can help anyone who is going through/has gone through the same pain of being an addict.

Celebrity or not, we’re all human. 



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