Taco Tuesdays and Feeling Non-Essential: The Brilliance of “The Shrink in B6”

the shrink in b6 poster

I was messaged by House of June, an indie art film production company in Atlanta, with a lovely note and links to episodes of their webseries, “The Shrink in B6”. I’m so glad that I’ve watched the two episodes that they have on YouTube. So, so very glad. I’m also chuffed that they reached out to me to spread the word about their dramedy.

“The Shrink in B6″ centers around best friends (now ex-best friends…you have to watch to find out why!) Nadia and Farrah who are going through financial troubles. Nadia, played by the wonderfully natural and grounded Shayla Love Washington, is a grad school dropout who has been recently fired as a waitress. In other words, her life just became one big, epic HOT mess. Farrah, deliciously and humorously portrayed by actress Tabby Molapo, is less than understanding and gives Nadia a few days to get her act together because the rent has to be paid and a girl’s gotta eat more than ramen noodles and hot pockets.  Nadia ends up becoming a shrink for hire, fashioning the middle section of her living room into a makeshift shrink’s office.

The results of this webseries, so far, are certainly artsy and hilarious. Molapo as Farrah brings the comedy- I found myself laughing at her every turn. Washington is great at Nadia- I can see why she was cast as the shrink. Even while her life is in shambles, she exudes warmth and intelligence and proves that shrinks are just like us. They don’t have all the answers, but they can surely help others find them.

The directing, editing, and music choices are also innovative and nostalgic  (for all you Nickelodeon/”Doug” fans, the second episode has a gift just for you!). “The Shrink in B6” is up there with some of the best webseries alive and their hard work and refreshing artistic quality has caught the eyes of Clutch Mag, BlackWebSeries.com, and  ChicRebellion.TV, who have just partnered with House of June and will be airing future episodes of “The Shrink in B6” on the network!

If you’re looking for your new favorite webseries, this one is it. Check out “The Shrink in B6”!


Episode 1:  “Tacos and Ultimatums”


Episode 2: “Spin Gold Out of Shit”


“The Shrink in B6”: Promo Visual

House of June Featurette: Mini Introductions



  1. tabisamazing · April 19, 2014

    Reblogged this on Regaining immortality and commented:
    In LOVE with this recent review of “The Shrink in B6” by “Ready For Our Close Up”. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on our stories! xoxo Tabby Molapo a.k.a Farrah

    • candacecordelia · April 25, 2014

      AWWWW thank you so much for your love and kind words AND from one actress to another, your wonderful acting talent! Keep striving and pushing and stay fabulous!

      Candi xoxo

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