The MIC Gang Are In New York!

All I need is to bump into Mark-Francis on his way to Christie’s or the opera and Binky’s mum just walking around the streets of Soho being fabulous and I will be good for the rest of the year.


Emma Stone also knows the power of “Made in Chelsea” and this is another reason to love her:





“My Mad Fat Diary”- U.S. Edition is Happening

All I can say is that “My Mad Fat Diary” is so brilliantly produced, written, acted, and directed that I want the U.S. version to really be as raw and non glossy. There is no other way for it to  shine without going the way of “The Inbetweeners” and “Skins” U.S. versions. Why can’t America commission “My Mad Fat Diary” to air on cable/network TV here? Does this mean a third season with the lovely Sharon Rooney is a no go?!?



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ONTD Sends Its Regards About “My Mad Fat Diary” US Style


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BREAKING NEWS: E! Entertainment’s “Songbyrd” Has Been Cancelled

This news is so disappointing. I have never been so excited to see a scripted television show on E! as I have for the “Songbyrd” pilot. Maybe another network can pick it up? Something must be done so that I can live vicariously through another Bethany Joy Lenz character interpretation and hear her sing every week!


Why You Should Watch HBO’s “The Normal Heart”

I was expecting to have my heart ripped out of my chest witnessing Ryan Murphy’s TV adaptation of “The Normal Heart”. Mission accomplished. I’m still thinking about this movie and the truly solid performances created by the whole cast. My generation’s knowledge of HIV and AIDS was mainly and firstly molded by television and film, with movies like “Philadelphia” & “The Ryan White Story” and interviews with inspiring individuals such as Hydeia Broadbent. In the past decade it seems as though more attention has been paid to teen moms and gonorrhea. Where has the serious talk about HIV/AIDS gone?

Thanks to current movies like “Dallas Buyers Club” and now “The Normal Heart”, a younger generation can get schooled on the cause and effects of this disease. HIV/AIDS still exists and more needs to be done to let people know about it.

Besides getting educated about the first moments in which New York and the rest of America were beginning to see the results of HIV/AIDS in the human body, there were some spectacular moments in “The Normal Heart” that warrant Emmy awards. Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Joe Mantello, and Julia Roberts were especially magnificent in the HBO film. If they do not get Emmy nominations, along with Ryan Murphy, the Twittersphere will go nuts.