The Beygency Has Always Been On My Tail Too…

Ever since college, I’ve always felt like The Beygency, otherwise known as 80% of everyone I’ve ever met in my life post-Destiny’s Child era, has had my name on their list. I just keep my mouth shut about my general neutrality when it comes to Beyonce. I don’t hate her music, but I’m not a die hard fan. Talk to me about Foals, Natalia Kills, Paramore, The Smiths, or Nirvana, but I won’t take a bullet for Beyonce. I’ll sing along to “Single Ladies” during a night of dancing and go home just fine in my happy night owl bubble. I don’t take my appreciation for Beyonce’s talents any further than that. But it appears that a good majority of the world has and please hear me when I say that YOU FRIGHTEN ME!

If you are a Beyonce do or die stan and have seen this video this past Saturday night or are watching here for the first time, I hope that you realize how much you’re scaring me and others who just want to live. If I ever meet Beyonce in my lifetime, I will pay my respects and keep it moving. There is no need for me to join the Beygency, but thank you SNL writers for giving a name to the leagues of folks who continue to side eye me whenever I calmly begin a sentence by saying, “I like Beyonce’s music, but…”



I know Andrew. I know…..



p.s. This is THE BEST SNL video to debut this season, in my opinion, and Andrew Garfield was a wonderful host. Please bring him back Lorne!


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