“My Mad Fat Diary”- U.S. Edition is Happening

All I can say is that “My Mad Fat Diary” is so brilliantly produced, written, acted, and directed that I want the U.S. version to really be as raw and non glossy. There is no other way for it to  shine without going the way of “The Inbetweeners” and “Skins” U.S. versions. Why can’t America commission “My Mad Fat Diary” to air on cable/network TV here? Does this mean a third season with the lovely Sharon Rooney is a no go?!?



im done




Tom’s Mad Fat Success story heads to the States


ONTD Sends Its Regards About “My Mad Fat Diary” US Style


4 Reasons We Don’t Need An American Version of “My Mad Fat Diary”



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  1. Maria Celina · February 9, 2015

    A green-light for a three-episode third series was given towards the end of last year, so we can rejoice. However, from what I picked up somewhere, the U.S. version is still in the works, and if it’s true, there has been no word on its progress. I cannot imagine how a series like this would be tweaked towards to the U.S. context. One would have to completely re-write many of the popular culture references. Most of all, there would be an overhaul the original soundtrack, because a handful of “My Mad Fat Diary”‘s storylines are contingent on song choices.

    Well, the last three episodes of the U.K. show is due out some time in the summer, so that’s something to look forward to.

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