Don’t Worry About Lupita. She’s Got This.

Ever since Lupita won an Oscar, many people have been saying/writing, “What is she going to do next?/What can she do next?/She better learn how to produce her own projects!”. Well, while you were worried about Lupita, Lupita was on her grind, silently plotting her next moves behind the scenes. Homegirl is not only starring in the next Star Wars movie, but she is also producing/starring in the film adaptation of Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel, “Americanah”. Co-producing along side Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company, While it may look like Lupita’s career is on the fast-track, don’t forget that she took the time to train at the Yale School of Drama, went through the ABC Diversity Casting Program, acted in other productions before “12 Years A Slave”, and produced, directed, wrote, and edited a documentary titled “In My Genes.” Lupita knows what she is doing.

This is another star vehicle for Lupita that I just can’t wait to see.


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