Girl Crush #1001: Shailene Woodley

In case you haven’t already noticed, Shailene Woodley is my latest girl crush. I’ve had girl crushes before (Aaliyah, Chili from TLC, JLaw), but not quite like this one. I think it’s because Shailene is the first female celebrity I’ve ever seen or heard that has really spoken to both my adult and childlike senses. The adult side of me is completely in tune and agreement with her thoughts on nature, herbalism, and listening to one’s inner truth. Her latest interview with Vulture, of which also highlights the just as talented and fabulous Brie Larson, may induce many eye rolls what with the first sentence mentioning the words “vegan”, “gluten-free”, and “dairy-free”. Yet, what I love about Shailene is that she is aware and trying to develop her mind, whether through couch surfing in the homes of friends or saying goodbye to her mobile phone, I can’t help but notice that the girl is striving to find herself, albeit in nontraditional ways . Better that than falling asleep while being awake.



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