The Children Are Our Future- A Note

This is a first for me- a blog post where I’m not talking about the latest in entertainment, media, or fashion. But I wanted to write this today because of a conversation I had earlier with young, bright teenager worried about the future.

I’ve always wanted to help encourage tweens, teens, and young adults ever since I was a tween myself. That may sound presumptuous of me, but I remember a time when “Teen Summit” was on BET (you can watch old episodes on YouTube!) and when Oprah featured guests from communities in need, rather than couch-hopping Hollywood action stars with last names that rhyme with “bruise”. In the past few years, I’ve met many wonderful young people with aspirations bigger than the towns they’ve grown up in and a predisposition to feelings of anxiety and low self worth. Social media has obviously heightened thoughts of #YOLO and #FOMO and I can’t help but feel as though I should be doing something to say, on a grander scale, that everything will be OK.

So, as a writer, performer, and self-proclaimed youth advocate, I think that I’m going to start making vlogs and writing more blog posts (or creating a separate blog altogether) focused on doling out advice and interviews to help young folk navigate through life.  I have ideas for events, music showcases, and giveaways too, but first things first. 🙂

I’m so comfortable performing in front of a camera as a character or on stage, but this is a whole other world in which I will be MYSELF talking to an audience of I can’t see, but I’m excited to inspire, encourage, and inform.


If you have any thoughts, advice, suggestions, etc., feel free to send them my way! My goal is to have this kicked off before the end of summer! Stay tuned.





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