Your New Favorite Band: Years & Years


While I was writing my post about Years & Years’ “Breathe” cover, I took a glance at a picture of them and immediately thought to myself, “Isn’t that Jakob from Skins Pure who was stalking Cassie?/The male lead in “God Help The Girl?” Indeed my spying eyes were CORRECT! But knowing that actor Olly Alexander is the frontman for Years & Years is just one of many, many great things about the band that I’ve come to discover. For instance, their music is just plain catchy, soulful, and dance-inducing. I cannot stop listening to their single “Real”. The music video to complement this song BLEW MY MIND. Why?

That’s why. Years & Years went and featured Ben Wishaw (“Skyfall”!!!!)and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (“Misfits”!!!!) dancing and I had to look away and compose myself for a little while. It’s all too much to handle in one go.

From then on, every single Years & Years song I’ve listened to has not disapointed me one bit! (“Take Shelter” is another stuck-on-repeat tune.)  If they keep climbing the mountain they are on, I see big things for them in the future. They are already slated to open for Sam Smith later this Fall, which is a HUGE step in the right direction.



#tbt + Song of the Day: Years & Years’ Cover of “Breathe” by Blu Cantrell

REMEMBER THIS JAM?!? Eleven (!!!) years ago this song was everywhere on the radio and now there is a smashing cover of it by London-based band “Years & Years” (whose overall musical brilliance is featured on this blog in an YNFB post!).. Just listen to this cover of “Breathe”, then listen to Blue Cantrell’s original version, and get back to me. I dare you to challenge how amazing it is.



Aviva Drescher IS This Year’s Song Of The Summer

I was just reading one of Bob Lefsetz’s illuminating letters today titled “Modern Life” and in it he talks about how we, as a nation, can’t agree on a song of this year’s summer because there is so much chatter in the world, from television to movies to music singles that are here today and gone tomorrow. This has to be the first year where there isn’t a definitive song of the summer. I start my day with “Boom Clap”, then I turn “Fancy” up real loud, and move right on to “Problem”. All great tunes, but I can’t pit any of them as 2014 #1 summer jams because they are all certifiably gold.

Then there comes a reality TV moment that is so nutty, so jaw-dropping, and so WTF that trying to figure out this year’s summer song is a waste of time. There is no summer song of 2014, thanks to Aviva Drescher.

I don’t watch any of the RHO… series, BUT THIS CLIP RIGHT HERE is enough to make me want to watch this episode. I don’t have to know who is who or what has happened before this moment. Season finale or not, this is pure gold. I guess that in order for this woman to show she isn’t playing around with her haters (who thought Aviva was faking her asthma [!!!!!!]), she had to take off her prosthetic leg and throw it on the ground!