Brooklyn’s WILLiFEST Is Coming! Will You Be There?

New York Fashion Week is only some days away, but after the catwalks have been dismantled and all of the models have gone back to their homes,  why not check out Brooklyn’s very own WILLiFEST?! Named “one of the top 20 coolest film festivals in the world” by MovieMaker Magazine, the arts festival is five years strong and one of the largest of NYC alone.

From September 18th-21st, WILLiFEST will bring films, music, industry panels, and after-parties to the masses, giving a spotlight to both up-and-coming and established artists.

In past years, celebrities such as Susan Sarandon, Mike Myers, Adrian Grenier, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Matt Dallas, Morgan Spurlock,  Leon, and Donna Drake, host of CBS’s own “Live It Up” TV show.  Some of Brooklyn’s best venues, such as The Knitting Factory, Williamsburg Cinemas, and El Puente Center for Arts & Culture will be the homes for all that WILLifest has to visually and aurally offer during the four day extravaganza.

The current lineup for WILLiFEST will be available soon, but in the meantime, here is some of the content that you can expect on the WILLiFEST channel:


“Kitchen Tradition”, starring Elise “Ms. E” Lefteriou:



Elise will be shooting new segments for her cooking show at WILLiFEST at Foodtown of Williamsburg and Brooklyn Harvest Market on Friday, September 19th.


“Beyond Borders”, a must-see new series, will also see its launch at WILLiFEST:



The WILLifest Channel is launching with UHETV later this fall. UHETVis a Cosby Media Productions (CMP) Company and an indie arts and entertainment channel where viewers will be able to watch movies, music, and arts programs. The channel is actively looking for films and webseries from talented filmmakers and content producers. So if you have content to share and put bums in seats, send away! The lucky producers chosen will be considered for UHETV’s original production lineup.



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See “Begin Again” For FREE This Holiday Weekend!

John Carney’s “Begin Again” was first released this past June, and looked quite promising from when I first viewed its trailer. Boasting a strong cast (Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley, Catherine Keener, James Corden, Hailee Steinfeld, Mos Def,  and YES, Adam Levine and CeeLo Green, who were both very enjoyable to watch), the musical romantic dramedy refused to depend on tired rom-com cliches. Instead, people are messy and  the songs featured in “Begin Again” will make you want to buy its soundtrack (when is the last time a movie made you want to do THAT?!).

Now that The Weinstein Company has re-released the movie in nationwide theaters, you have the rest of tonight and Labor Day to see it for FREE in participating AMC Theatres! There is no catch- trust me. I am a happy customer of this rad deal: AMC Theatres Facebook Page- Free “Begin Again” Labor Day Tickets


p.s. See if you can spot Mark Ruffalo’s son in the film!


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The Dew Lasts An Hour

While some tracks don’t have the same raw sound  heard  on SoundCloud/YouTube (“Ghost”,  “Heartbeat Overdrive”), time, further attention, patience, and passion did Ballet School’s debut album GOOD! This is the kind of pop music the world needs right now.

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