Will You Tune In To Watch “Red Band Society”?

I had the opportunity to check out a sneak preview of one of Fox’s new television shows, “Red Band Society” before tonight’s pilot premiere and I must say that it’s not a perfect show…. yet. But that’s part of its charm. We the viewing public are used to seeing beloved shows tossed in the pop culture trashcan before seeing them blossom past their one year of infancy. All of the elements for a great show are here- an up and coming young cast, familiar faces of proven talent (Octavia Spencer, Wilson Cruz, Grffin Dunne, Dave Annable, Thomas Ian Nicholas), and a compelling storyline centered within hospital walls. Add in an Executive Producer in Steven Spielberg and comparisons to an iconic 80s teen movie and “Red Band Society” can’t lose. Or can it? I sure hope not. I want to see what comes of Kara, Charlie, Dash, Emma, Leo, and Jordi. I really do. Plus, Octavia Spencer’s Nurse Jackson and Zoe Levin’s Kara Souders are both so deliciously “rhymes with witchy” on the show and that alone is enough for me to keep tuning in week after week. The reason behind Charlie’s stay in the hospital will also tug at all of your strings. “Red Band Society”, in my mind, deserves a chance to be seen and heard.



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