Brooklyn’s Own Willifest- Day One!

Well ladies and gents, Brooklyn’s very own Willifest is here and started with a bang last night! Its SOLD OUT Opening night ushered in some wonderful interviews conducted by the brilliant Donna Drake from “Live It Up” and global teen ambassador McKenzie Sanborn of UHE TV’s”Beyond Borders“. The vibe in the air was warm and ripe with talent.

After the interviews and networking, it was finally showtime at Williamsburg Cinemas. I was thoroughly impressed by the music videos, “Postcard” and “Walk With Me”, as well as the short film, “Loretta”. “Loretta”, directed by Rob Fortunato, was so well acted and shot, with a heartfelt, humorous plot. It was a delight to see!


Afterwards, the feature film, “Suck It Up Buttercup”, directed by Malindi Fickle, was a wrenching tale about drug addiction. Raw and tireless in its approach, Fickle really nailed down one of the hardest jobs that a director must accomplish- getting pitch perfect performances from actors. Every single cast member of this film gave superb, natural, raw performances. As an actor myself, I know how fragile the relationship between a director and actor can be.  There has to be a level of trust to a high degree. Kudos to Fickle and her cast and crew for bringing raw truth to the screen. I’m also anxious to see more from the cast in the future, especially actors Lacy Marie Meyer, Robyn Ross, Gregory Konow, Brian Stuart Boyd, and Matthew Goodrich. But honestly, I wish the best for the whole cast. Magnetic performances from all!




To view interview pics from Willifest’s Opening Night, you can hop onto my Instagram page: and/or check out my Twitter page at @CandaceCordelia!



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