Rock Your Grey Like Dascha P!

I LOOOOVE me some Orange Is The New Black, mainly because all of the actors on the show are FABULOUS & FIERCE both on and off screen. As far as ensemble casts on television and the internet go, the OITNB team are at the top of the class.

Ms. Dascha Polanco, otherwise known as Dayanara Diaz, is working a new hair style that I can’t get enough of:


This shade of grey from, Echelon’s Rebel Collection, is so beautiful. Furthering the trend that was once seen on my girls Tavi Gevinson and Kelly Osbourne, there is further proof that you should never be ashamed of seeing a few grey hairs in the mirror. Embrace them and go ALL grey with Echelon!

I’m down for both natural hair and weaves. Honestly I think that you should float with whatever makes you happy, as long as you let others wear their hair how they would like to and rock your own with confidence. What I really co-sign with Echelon Hair about is their tie with the breast cancer awareness movement, first and foremost.

So, if you want to rock some grey hairs full on like Dascha, or just interested in 100% Virgin Indian Hair in general, check out Echelon and see what all of the fuss is about!





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