BREAKING NEWS: Actor Ezra Miller to Play The Flash On The Big Screen

EzraMillerFlashPicMonkey Collage

I LOVE me some Ezra Miller. As a part of “Young Hollywood” today, he keeps his business private and let’s his work do the talking. From the moment I saw him in “We Need To Talk About Kevin”, I knew this young man was destined for an enviable film career. After watching “The Perks of Being A Wallflower” for the 100th time recently, I started to wonder what Ezra was up to lately. Well, besides starring in this Sophie Barthes’ film production of “Madame Bovary” alongside another young thespian whose work I love, Mia Wasikowska, the Amy Schumer/Judd Apatow collabo, “Trainwreck“, and the (personally) highly anticipated “The Stanford Prison Experiment“, Miller has signed up to portray Barry Miller/The Flash for a 2018 release in a stand-alone movie. The chances of the actor making an appearance as the superhero character in other upcoming movies such as “Batman v. Superman” and “Justice League” are highly likely as well.

So far, we also know that Greg Berlanti is attached to this project, whose name is also credited with the small screen version of “The Flash” starring Grant Gustin (who will forever remember as the deliciously evil “Campbell Price” from 90210). The television version is wonderful thus far, gaining great reviews, likely to be picked up for a second season, and was recently named as the most watched CW premiere EVER. EVER!

So, even though Ezra Miller would not have been the first actor to initially come to mind as a casting choice for this role, I am very excited to see the acting choices that he has decided to make as The Flash in the film adaptation. If the CW version is still going strong in 2018, I hope that Gustin and Miller team up for those Comic Con panels!



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