Video of the Day- “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” Official Lifetime Movie Trailer


I have NOTHING against the production of this movie. I remember the day when Aaliyah died and it was truly a day of mourning. I eventually said “LET’S DO THIS!” when Lifetime announced that they would produce a movie about Aaliyah, even when my first instinct was to exclaim that I wished the movie could be seen on the big screen instead. I also was upset when Zendaya dropped out of this movie because I think that her being cast for the role was perfect and would have elevated her career to another level. Now, having viewed the official trailer for “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B”, the only gripe that I have about this film, thus far, is that I wish Zendaya continued on with this project until post-production. *sigh*


What do you think about the casting of actress Alexandra Shipp, as Aaliyah, after having watched this? Would you have preferred Zendaya, think that we should lay our final verdicts on the gauntlet after the movie airs, or have your own dream lead actress for the role in mind?



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