This Movie, Its Director, This Picture Screams OSCAR

I look at Jack O’Connell in this photo and my heart swells. I’ve watched him go from Cook in “Skins” to now starring in an Angelina Jolie directed film, which looks and sounds spectacular, judging from its several trailers. If he scores an Oscar nom for his performance in this movie, I will be immensely proud. I don’t have to personally know him to feel this way. He reps for the underdogs and I’m down for his journey and continuous success 100%.

In fact, let me raise a toast to EVERYONE in this picture, because I remember Garrett Hedlund in “Death Sentence” with a shaved head giving a scary performance that was so realistic and powerful still to this day to think about. I’m quietly tracking how hard Jai Courtney is working, booking roles alongside Bruce Willis and Rosamund Pike. I see all of you choosing interesting roles, not all commercial, making smart choices and working. As a human being and actor, I say keep going forward and killin’ it, but try not to leave too many casualties in your wake.


  Photo Credit: Jason Bell for Vanity Fair Magazine


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