Your New Favorite Band: Young Fathers

I can’t describe this group of Scottish lads any better than their music can speak for them. I surely sat on my bed feeling cheated though, because it took me this long to finally give Young Fathers a listen.

Now, I feel as though you will either LOVE Young Fathers or want to throw your laptop, desktop, phone, iPad out the window. I can’t see everyone liking this sound, especially if you are not open minded and would rather blast Drake through your speakers. I get it. The dissonant sound in tracks like “Get Up” may confuse you. As a society, we have become accustomed to hearing smooth harmonies and perfectly-pitched musical products these days. But if you are looking for a new favorite band to take you out of your aural funk, give Young Fathers a chance. They are up for a Mercury Music Prize tonight (along with other favorites of mine such as Bombay Bicycle Club, FKA Twigs, and Kate Tempest), as well as having their tunes featured on “Ray Donovan”, and I can see why. They are reopin’ hard for the neu alt hip-hop generation.


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