#tbt- “Lily Allen and Friends”

Living in London during “the aughts” was a bloody heady experience. It was a time of this:

…and this:

…and, oh yeah, definitely lovely folk such as these who I adore(d):





London was and continues to be a brilliant city to live life and I miss it dearly! Today I found myself taking my nostalgia of The Big Smoke and the aughts back to one particular television show from a woman you may have heard of….one Ms. Lily Cooper, nee Allen, of Alright, Still/It’s Not Me, It’s You/Sheezus international fame. In 2008, she was given her own television show, titled Lily Allen and Friends, and although it only lasted for one season, I had to know everything about it from pre-to post-production. Now I look back on it and wonder what might have been if it continued on…


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