I Want This Child To Have A Nice Chat With Ellen

This video makes my heart swell for so many different reasons. One, the little girl in this clip is just amazing. She has a joie de vivre that is natural, due to her age, and also because she probably has parents that encourage her to be a child. Two, I recognized this video just at a glance because I saw it about a month ago in its raw glory- my buddies Cam, Jess, and Jeremy are dancing along in it!!!!! Three, I have a vision of the kid talking to Ellen on TV. This is my wish for her. Four, with all of the distressful things happening in the world today, I want people to remember to love one another while living life to the fullest. Dance when everyone’s watching. It’s videos like this that make me super pleased with my decision to move to New York to realize more of my dreams.



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