The Most Leaks I’ve Seen This Week Have Been From Sony….

I sat on the train this morning reading about the latest Sony Pictures leak (emails between super-producer Scott Rudin and co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Amy Pascal) as though I were watching an episode of “Young & The Restless”. I could not take my eyes off of the poor spelling and jabs at actors like Adam Driver and Michael Fassbender (as an above-the-line employee in Hollywood, how in the WORLD do you not know who Michael Fassbender is?!?).


To think that these arguments were reams of emails, and very few phone calls were made in the interim, highlighted one major fact to me- Hollywood is just like “us” (except they receive bigger paychecks). Like worker bees of the USPS, UPS, your local strip mall, or Walmart, Hollywood executives and creatives bicker, get fired, have brilliant ideas only to be squashed by their boss(es) or swindled by their colleagues for a higher bargaining price. Deals are made and broken, tempers flared, and names (and reputations) ruined. Yes, even Angelina Jolie was called a “minimally talented spoiled brat” throughout this whole debacle. The shade in these missives are REAL. “Entourage” is REAL.


Whoever has hacked into the Sony database is on a mission to destroy, because the Rudin vs. Pascal fight is the latest to have been brought to light on websites such as Defamer and Vulture. Not only do we know that Aaron Sorkin has never seen , but that Kevin Hart is apparently a “greedy whore“, Natalie Portman’s alias is “Lauren Brown“, and Adam Sandler films suck.


What’s even more jacked up is that Sony executives are just as unhappy with the films they are producing as the general audience is with Hollywood movies as a whole. There’s a reason that television remains in an extended Golden Age state, because the serial storytelling of “Orange is the New Black” and “Sons of Anarchy” appear to be more satisfying than a 1 1/2 to 2 hour movie. People will go to the theaters in droves for adaptations of their favorite books, or event films, such as “Interstellar”, though.


To think that this all started with James Franco/Seth Rogan vehicle, “The Interview“…. If you want to know how a good majority of Hollywood works, read these emails. There are many lessons to be learned here while the Internet/digital entertainment revolution continues to move along.



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