Pooping On The Page

The reason why I haven’t been as active a blogger into the start of this new year is because I have been pooping on the page. No, not like that. Nooooooo! I have been letting blood out of a stone, writing every day for at least 10 minutes nonstop. As someone who thinks about writing, reads voraciously, and writes on a daily basis to complete strangers or general acquaintances, writing each day for ten minutes about characters that I wish audiences could see on a screen is hard work (especially if you have not written longhand for more than timed five minutes without any distractions). When this person has held onto the valves of your heart for years and you want to see them grow outside of you, this kind of birthing process lends to an anxiety that I can only assume is 1/4 of what human childbirth and rearing must feel like. Right? I’ve heard of directors talking about their “babies”- the first inkling of ideas for a script being realized and then the final project of a film, webseries or television show seeing the light of day only to be praised or ripped apart, or both. As a creative person, having your work dissected by other human minds is frightening. Exhilarating, surely. But your thoughts and parts of your identity are the DNA to every artwork that you may produce and to have it up for discussion is for bold and brave. So to even write creatively for 10 minutes a day is a huge accomplishment and to have a final piece of art out of those ten minutes for seven days a week, four weeks out of a month is a miracle. So, I owe it to myself to at least try and not think about editing during the writing process and if I am doing it “right”. Just doing it is good enough. This is the cornerstone, I believe, to “pooping on the page”.

I first heard of this form of pooping during a screenwriting workshop I took two weeks ago. The experience was liberating because for the second time I discovered that it’s OK to stop self-editing and to just write about anything. Anyone can do this! That’s what making pooping on the page exciting. Write on a blog on in your journal. Just write…about anything! You will soon find yourself not being able to stop and your mind will wander to people, places, and things that may have been plaguing you or ideas that just came to you in a spurt of inspiration. Don’t say no- get into it and let all those thoughts out. There could be kernels of genius waiting to be absorbed by other minds and spirits. You could help to heal or motivate the world.

So…that’s it. I have to go back and poop on a page. Feel free to join me.




  1. triSARAHtops · January 27, 2015

    I think the most incredible (and worthwhile) advice I ever received regarding writing is how important it is to just write. Editing and the like can come after, but it is so important to just get yourself putting words on a page and worrying about it after.
    It sounds like you are having a good time with this!
    Best of luck to you šŸ™‚

    • candacecordelia · January 27, 2015

      I am feeling everything that you have written! I write both on a creative and journalistic level and I have to remember that when writing a script or journal entry, it truly is best to “let it go”. I have met SO many people who have a hard time of self-editing during the process and then they get frustrated and give up writing for months! This is what writer’s block is made of- a fear of messing up. But you can’t mess up something that doesn’t get a chance to breathe. Thank you so much for your response and best wishes. Good luck to you as well! šŸ™‚

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