“Bring It On” Turns 15 This Month!

Five years younger than one of my other favorite movies of all time, “Clueless”, “Bring It On” brought the sport of cheerleading (and yes it IS a sport!) to the forefront of American pop culture with sass, humor, and timeless quotes. Reminding us, well those who can remember (!), of the early aughts when Von Dutch trucker hats, Juicy Couture tracksuits, and saying “let’s get crunk” reigned. But, one thing is for sure- “Bring It On” will never go out of style as it turns 15 years old on August 25th of this year. It spawned numerous spin-offs, a musical, and the fierce all-female singing trio Blaque in their movie debut.

bringitongif1 Bring-it-On-kirsten-dunst-96177_751_500

In what I foresee as an ongoing tradition from various websites/magazines, MTV writer Kase Wickman has transcribed the oral history of “Bring It On”, as told by members of the cast and crew. If you are a superfan, or just curious about how this movie was made, I suggest that you read on here. You will not be disappointed!

p.s. Have you ever wondered if any of the “Bring It On” cast member were able to take a spirit stick souvenir or keep their Rancho Carne High cheerleading uniforms after filming was complete? Well, read here to find out!


p.p.s. There is also an oral history on the making of “Clueless”, courtesy of Vanity Fair, should you be interested in reading that as well. It’s another fascinating read on the production of another American cult movie classic.



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