*Sigh* I Can’t With You Right Now, “Pretty Little Liars”… I Just Can’t


It’s taken me seven days to write this post, considering the fact that I spent FIVE whole years of my life watching this show faithfully, dying to know who was behind the uber “A” mask. After having been duped with red herrings (Ezra! Toby!) and coming up with different theories in my head, I thought that even if my final, top three ‘A’ predictions were wrong, I could retire for the night of the Season 6A finale knowing that I would be sufficiently satisfied in discovering the true identity of Big A. But after last week’s episode, I still have so many questions and I’m not really satisfied. Not quite….

emilypllsomuchgoingon I STILL HAVE MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!! 


Basic ones too, such as, why were Melissa and Wren so involved in the lives of these teenage girls? What was Wren doing in Radley? What/who was Melissa protecting Spencer from all this time, “before ‘it’ started”?




Melissa is Spencer’s older sister and, as good older sisters go, would be concerned with the comings and goings of her lil’ sis. But, what was with all of her suspect behavior for the entire duration of the series thus far? We know that she buried Bethany Young alive, as she stated in the past.


There was a time not too long ago when Melissa was a prime candidate for Black Widow, and then come to find out that Sara Harvey, who is a character that was just recently introduced, is both Black Widow and Red Coat. Why? Why is she doing Charlotte’s/A’s bidding so eagerly?




We also know that Mona killed Bethany Young, as told to the other liars during the reveal and confessions of A/Charlotte. So, one of them is either telling a lie or caught up in a serious case of fatal mistaken identity. Something still isn’t right in the milk here.


What’s happened to the N.A.T. club? Why was this such a pivotal moment in the PLLverse? I specifically remember multiple early episodes dedicated to the shady behavior of the N.A.T. club and its members. I refuse to believe that this information was randomly placed in this TV show just to throw the viewers off track.

n.a.t. club


Is Rhys Matthews coming back? Can someone please explain what happened to Maya?! Who locked the PLL moms in the basement? Where is Lucas? Did Charlotte try to kill Jason, hence his elevator accident, presuming that he found out about Charlotte’s secret? Who killed Garrett? Where is Mike? Where is Jenna? I STILL HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS Y’ALL!!! 


Now most of the world knows that “A” is “Charles” is “Charlotte”, Ali’s transgender sister who has terrorized all of fictional Rosewood with her fatal games of cat and mouse. When this was revealed, I was shocked and then swiftly upset. After all these years, A has been CeCe Drake?!

Pretty-Little-LiarsPart of me doesn’t buy this reveal and maybe I’m in denial as a shopper. CeCe as A just does not, and will continue not to be the A that I wanted. I’ve also witnessed a lot of other PLL viewers on Twitter and other corners of the Internet in agreement, not quite believing what we saw during the Season 6A finale to be true. I know that I. Marlene King says Charlotte is Big A, but I would have rather it have been one of the liars or even Wren, which turned out to be the safest pick that I was against, but now wish were true after all.



Lies, Mrs. Grunwald, LIES! :/


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