Change, change, change

A note:

I’ve been gone for quite a while….

…but I’m back and you will notice some changes to this site.

I’m on a mission to write and share content that is more aligned with inspiring and helping others. As much as I love reading about the latest in pop culture and entertainment news, I’m in more in love with helping others love themselves. It’s clear that we are now living in a world that we don’t recognize anymore. You may feel confused, distraught or scared lately. Up is down and down is up. But there are many lights in the darkness to seek solace in and draw hope from. One of the best ways to combat your fears is to take care of yourself, especially so that you are in a position to take better care of others. Your wealth is in your health.

You will still find news about entertainment on my website. However, this news will be paired with issues surrounding health, wellness and fitness. My site will be a place to discover who’s on the latest cover of Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine or to find out if SugarBearHair Website vitamins are really as great as Khloe Kardashian claims. From product testing to body image, recipes, book reviews, interviews with athletes and more, I will strive to make my website a place of enlightenment and inspiration.

To my faithful followers- thank you for hanging in there. To my new readers- welcome! For everyone- get ready to have fun, learn… and love.



Candace xx



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