Movie Trailer of the Day: “About Ray”

If I hear Elle Fanning’s name announced as an Oscar nominee for her role in this movie, just as I expect to hear Jake Gyllenhaal’s for his role in “Southpaw”, I will not be surprised! #predictions


I Need Some “Glue”

This Fall season I’ve found myself frustrated with American television. There are so many options and I literally do not have enough time. When I do have time, I have to decide between five different shows competing in one time slot (Wednesday nights are rough). Then there are those programs, who shall remain nameless for the time being, of which I decided to drop two episodes in, not being drawn in as much as I have with “Pretty Little Liars” or “My Mad Fat Diary”, not wanting to invest any longer in the characters and plot lines. My first excuse for that is possibly because deep down inside I’ve been burned enough by oft-argued premature television cancellations (I still silently pray for Ryan Murphy’s “Popular” to come back, even if just for a one-off TV movie). My second excuse is that my Netflix queue is fifty miles long and I still need to discover “Parenthood”, “Homeland”, and every other show I know that I should be watching, but can’t because I am, ironically, sacrificing many things to break into the same industry I have no time for as a passive observer.

Yet, while some of my British peers lament the state of entertainment programming in their country (quantity vs. quality is a popular issue), I still maintain that America should be very scared of its cousins across the pond. They have “Glue”. I need this in my life. Someone please be a dear and upload it. I beg of you!



UPDATE (11/15/14): With further research on the young actors featured on this show, I think that it is even safer to say that this show was made for my brain and eyeballs. We have thespians on deck like Yasmin Paige on deck (she played “Jordana” in one of my favorite films of this decade, “Submarine”, Jordan Stephens of Rizzle Kicks fame,  and Jessie Cave, known for her portrayal of “Lavender Brown” in the Harry Potter series. Then I find out that songs, such as the following, have made an appearance during the series as well:


Noted. You win “Glue”. You win.

Two TV Premieres To Bank On Tonight

The end of this week’s hump day is near, and while you may be anticipating the start to a new weekend, keep in mind that there are TWO new shows airing tonight that you should not overlook. For horror lovers like myself, the newest installment of “American Horror Story: Freak Show”, premieres on FX. Just in time for the Halloween season, I can’t wait to see Jessica Lange continue being the BOSS that she is, along with the usual repertory players that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk love to gift with a new character each season.  I hope that this won’t be a flop for me like AHS: Coven was (I just couldn’t sit through the whole season like I did with AHS: Asylum!).


The other show that I have my eye on tonight is….”Hollywood Divas“. Before you swiftly judge me, hear me out. With all of the talk in recent years of how Black actresses deserve much better in Hollywood and beyond, I am very curious to see a group of those who I practically have grown up watching on the screen, talk candidly about Hollywood and their experiences. Not bereft of talent, I am DOWN for seeing Paula Jai Parker, Elise Neal, Countess Vaughn, and Golden Brooks create their own project for public consumption, while we also get an idea about what their lives have been like since we’ve last saw them consistently on the small/big screens. I am not familiar with the last Hollywood Diva, Lisa Wu, but soon I will be. Being homeless in Hollywood is real, but so is having a great comeback.


See “Begin Again” For FREE This Holiday Weekend!

John Carney’s “Begin Again” was first released this past June, and looked quite promising from when I first viewed its trailer. Boasting a strong cast (Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley, Catherine Keener, James Corden, Hailee Steinfeld, Mos Def,  and YES, Adam Levine and CeeLo Green, who were both very enjoyable to watch), the musical romantic dramedy refused to depend on tired rom-com cliches. Instead, people are messy and  the songs featured in “Begin Again” will make you want to buy its soundtrack (when is the last time a movie made you want to do THAT?!).

Now that The Weinstein Company has re-released the movie in nationwide theaters, you have the rest of tonight and Labor Day to see it for FREE in participating AMC Theatres! There is no catch- trust me. I am a happy customer of this rad deal: AMC Theatres Facebook Page- Free “Begin Again” Labor Day Tickets


p.s. See if you can spot Mark Ruffalo’s son in the film!


Your Next Obsession: “In The Flesh”

Like “My Mad Fat Diary”, “In The Flesh” is another poignant, well produced television show from across the pond that I’m absolutely riveted by. Has there ever been a show about a post-apocalyptic world where zombies can talk and are given a chance to re-integrate into civilization like normal human beings?


Told through the eyes of Kieren Walker, a zombie who goes back home to live with his parents and sister Jem, a Human Volunteer Force soldier appointed to help rid her town of “rotters”, the first episode of Season One wastes no time diving right into their world of the living versus dead with insane results.


Episode one of the second series has already started, but you can catch up with all three episodes of series on YouTube:


Series One, Episode One:


Series One, Episode Two:


Series One, Episode Three: