The Beygency Has Always Been On My Tail Too…

Ever since college, I’ve always felt like The Beygency, otherwise known as 80% of everyone I’ve ever met in my life post-Destiny’s Child era, has had my name on their list. I just keep my mouth shut about my general neutrality when it comes to Beyonce. I don’t hate her music, but I’m not a die hard fan. Talk to me about Foals, Natalia Kills, Paramore, The Smiths, or Nirvana, but I won’t take a bullet for Beyonce. I’ll sing along to “Single Ladies” during a night of dancing and go home just fine in my happy night owl bubble. I don’t take my appreciation for Beyonce’s talents any further than that. But it appears that a good majority of the world has and please hear me when I say that YOU FRIGHTEN ME!

If you are a Beyonce do or die stan and have seen this video this past Saturday night or are watching here for the first time, I hope that you realize how much you’re scaring me and others who just want to live. If I ever meet Beyonce in my lifetime, I will pay my respects and keep it moving. There is no need for me to join the Beygency, but thank you SNL writers for giving a name to the leagues of folks who continue to side eye me whenever I calmly begin a sentence by saying, “I like Beyonce’s music, but…”



I know Andrew. I know…..



p.s. This is THE BEST SNL video to debut this season, in my opinion, and Andrew Garfield was a wonderful host. Please bring him back Lorne!


Mini in Chelsea Is So Freaking Adorable and Spot On #Made in Chelsea

I just watched this and could not stop laughing. The casting is perfect and these little tykes have encapsulated the personalities of the Made in Chelsea gang to a T. I’m DONE!

Louis C.K. Is Going To Host SNL Again…Let’s All Freak Out!

After the past Saturday Night Live episode featuring Ms. Lena Dunham, which I will get into in another post, I screamed when I read that Louis C.K. would be hosting the show on March 29th. But you know how an accompanying band is listed underneath the host’s name? Well, the commercial just read in big, bold letters “LOUIS C.K.” No band name needed. Of course the Twittersphere blew up, writing out loud if this meant that Louis C.K. would be doing stand up, because has there ever been a time in SNL history when there was no band to serenade the audience and cast members into a dreamlike state?

Either way, Louis C.K. hosting Saturday Night Live is a welcome surprise that I will wrap around my heart until the newest season of “Louie” premieres.

More Reasons Why You Should Watch “Broad City”

Yes, knows what’s up! This show is insanely hysterical, is executive produced by Amy Poehler, has amazing guest stars like Hannibal Burress and Janeane Garofalo, and is on the other spectrum of relatable [Girls being on that opposite side] (just watch the latest episode where Abbi misplaces her phone or the episode when the girls get locked out of Ilana’s apartment and they have to get help from a lecherous locksmith). This show deserves that second season green light.