Song of the Day: “Chasing Time” by Azealia Banks (a tad NSFW)

Pay attention to her Twitter beef with x,y,& z all you like, but there is no denying that A. Banks has talent coming out of her pores.



Your New Favorite Band: Years & Years


While I was writing my post about Years & Years’ “Breathe” cover, I took a glance at a picture of them and immediately thought to myself, “Isn’t that Jakob from Skins Pure who was stalking Cassie?/The male lead in “God Help The Girl?” Indeed my spying eyes were CORRECT! But knowing that actor Olly Alexander is the frontman for Years & Years is just one of many, many great things about the band that I’ve come to discover. For instance, their music is just plain catchy, soulful, and dance-inducing. I cannot stop listening to their single “Real”. The music video to complement this song BLEW MY MIND. Why?

That’s why. Years & Years went and featured Ben Wishaw (“Skyfall”!!!!)and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (“Misfits”!!!!) dancing and I had to look away and compose myself for a little while. It’s all too much to handle in one go.

From then on, every single Years & Years song I’ve listened to has not disapointed me one bit! (“Take Shelter” is another stuck-on-repeat tune.)  If they keep climbing the mountain they are on, I see big things for them in the future. They are already slated to open for Sam Smith later this Fall, which is a HUGE step in the right direction.


Video of the Day- “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX

This song made it on my “Song of the Day’ list and I expected the video to be HOT, but I never anticipated a Clueless homage. THIS VIDEO IS PERFECT! Everything is on point and Iggy NAILED her Cher impression. They included all of the scenes from the movie that I hoped they would, including the infamous Dionne, Murray, & Cher riding in car freak out session. I could watch this all day.